CHA 2014 has come and gone…

Well we began 2014 with some bitterly COLD weather some waking to below freezing degree temps and what a better way to escape it by flying to Anaheim, CA to walk CHA 2014!

CHA 2014 084


CHA 2014 089


I will not complain about the weather even though we were indoors a majority of the day – but who couldn’t resist sitting outside and soaking in some of that warm sun but not for too long – back to work we went!

CHA 2014 003

                CHA 2014 042          CHA 2014 043

Great display of oversized scissors and yarn greeted you as you proceeded into the convention hall.

           CHA 2014 010        CHA 2014 090

As you enter through the doors along the main aisle you were mesmerized by the displays that were created by Crystal Ninja – encrusted with Swarovski elements- from basketballs, champagne bottles, sneakers and which was way over the Kitchen Aid Mixer – there’s a craft project waiting…

         CHA 2014 161         CHA 2014 078

The show was filled with many MTK’s this year introducing new product and learning what you can do with it was interested…

      CHA 2014 176        CHA 2014 175

Faber Castell

CHA 2014 106        CHA 2014 113

Needless to say the above tote caught my eye – Beacon – did these women ever get creative! I’m a bit jealous!

Of course we cannot forget the Celebrities that were here to Craft…

CHA 2014 134

Rupert from Survivor was creating some great Tie-die shirts! He had no problem getting those hand dirty!

         CHA 2014 132         CHA 2014 153

                Vanna White                                Leeza Gibbons

       CHA 2014 029      CHA 2014 016

                     from Classic cars to RV’ing with Duck Tape!

Another thing that caught my eye was Arm Knitting…Premier® yarns and Spinrite Inc – Bernat had this technique featured in their booths…

     CHA 2014 068          CHA 2014 168

What would look GREAT on these scarves – some BIG BUTTONS!

CHA 2014 080     CHA 2014 083

CHA 2014 086      CHA 2014 139

i Love to Create loving all the creativity…Mark Montano, Crafty Chica, Tiffany Windsor just to name a few…

Here are some additional photos that I thought may inspire you…

   CHA 2014 129     CHA 2014 094

         CHA 2014 051     CHA 2014 047

         CHA 2014 048       CHA 2014 055

     CHA 2014 019      CHA 2014 018

CHA 2014 150

and lastly a container filled with our BUTTONS  just screaming CREATE!

Well hope you enjoyed my photos!

CHA 2014 178

Until next year – mark your calendars January 8 – 13, 2015

Happy Crafting


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