Oh Canada – Lets Get Crafty!

That’s right you read that correctly – Canada is getting BUTTON Crafty at the N.Jefferson, Ltd. Trade Show 2014!  I had the opportunity to visit beautiful country and  to craft with some wonderful women at the show last weekend.

N.Jefferson, Ltd. opened their doors to their customers for two days filled with classes, MTK’s, Product Demo and so much more! I wanted to share with you several photos  from my weekend of creating my favorite craft project with them!IMG_1826

loving the photo above – created with BUTTONS!


if you zoom in you’ll see it!


our project!

                               IMG_1850               IMG_1851

can  you say BUTTONS!

                   IMG_1861            IMG_1864

Sisters: Nancy, Marilyn, Gwen and Carol – the stories they shared! It was such a pleasure!

                    IMG_1869            IMG_1862

and they kept crafting – I think they were amused with the array of color that was spread across the table! Atleast I know they were enjoying themselves.

Here are some additional photos of suppliers that attended…

          IMG_1896     IMG_1890

              IMG_1858                  IMG_1894

        IMG_1895               IMG_1855

              IMG_1854                      IMG_1853

Fun was definitely had by all!

Lastly, I did get an opportunity to walk around town and well if you get the opportunity to visit Vancouver, BC make sure to check out these shops: Maiwa on Granville Island  & Button Button.

              IMG_1880         IMG_1885

IMG_1883          IMG_1884

aren’t those rich!

          IMG_1897unfortunately it was closed the day I went! Oh well maybe next time!

                          IMG_1928           IMG_1930


Until next year!

Happy Crafting!


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