Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons

Our product team created a really cute new product line called Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons that’s available now at Michaels. It’s a mix and match program where you select a designed pocket (yes – it’s an actual, working pocket!) and a cute little animal image. You iron-on the animal to your t-shirt, or other fabric item, and then iron-on the pocket. The finished look is a furry little creature peeking out of the top of the pocket!

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons

New! Pockets & Peekers Iron-Ons

The Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons are a fun way to decorate plain t-shirts or baby clothes, but you can get really creative in how you use them.

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Baby

Create a cute baby shower gift!

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Shirts

Add Peekers to existing pockets

To use the Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons, you will need the following materials:

A Pocket

A Peeker

An Iron

A Press Cloth

And a fabric item that can be ironed

To begin, make sure your item is clean and freshly laundered (including new items). Pre-heat the iron to the highest setting, without using steam. Iron the area of the fabric where the Peeker will be placed to remove the wrinkles. Place the Peeker in position with the shiny side up. Cover it with the press cloth and press firmly with the iron for 30 seconds. Test by slowly peeling the transfer sheet away. If the Peeker has not adhered, cover it with the press cloth and iron for another 20 to 30 seconds.

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Dog Mat Step 1

Iron on the Peeker

Next, it’s time to add the pocket. Remove the paper backing from the pocket. Pre-heat the iron to the cotton setting. Place the pocket in position with the adhesive side against the fabric. Press the hot iron on the pocket for at least 30 seconds, making sure you cover the entire outer edge of the pocket where the adhesive is. Test the edges, and if they lift, repeat the previous process with the iron.

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Dog Mat Step 2

Add the pocket – so easy!

Check out some of the fun ways we found to use these Pocket and Peekers Iron-Ons and look for them at your local Michaels!

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Dog Mat

Stash some treats on this cute doggie dinner mat!

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Beach Towel Step 2

Add to a beach towel

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons Beach Towel

Keep your sunglasses handy!

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons MakeUp Bag

Personalize a simple make-up bag

Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons MakeUp Bag Step2

Just iron on!



2 Comments on Pockets and Peekers Iron-Ons

  1. Christine McKenna
    July 19, 2017 at 11:28 pm (3 days ago)

    Your peekers are terrible. I’ve, literally, been ironing for almost an hour now, and the peeker still will not adhere and comes up when I pull the plastic. Stop advertising it as “so easy,” because it’s not.

    • Blumenthal Lansing
      July 20, 2017 at 11:46 am (3 days ago)

      Hi Christine – We are sorry you didn’t have a great experience with this product. We would like to correct the situation. Would you please contact Blumenthal Customer Service at 1-800-553-4158. Thank you.


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