Color of the Year 2013

Alas! We’ve finally stashed away the holiday decorations and have gotten used to writing 2013 on paper. Bravo! With that out of the way, it’s time to look ahead and start getting excited about what’s to come. Not too far from now, many of us will be preparing to clear out the fifty thousand shades of winter black from our closets and add in a splash of color just in time for spring. For those of us who love and appreciate a little bit of color (which every crafter and fashionista does) I’d like to share the brand new Pantone color of the year.

Ready, set, *Drumroll*

The lovely Emarald green!

Not only is this a beautiful color green, but it works well with a variety of other colors- both in home decor and fashion. Win, win!! Pair this up with neutral grey’s, tans, peach, and pastels for a hot look these last months of winter or mix it with fun colors like fuchsia, orange, and pink for a fun and youthful spring look.

Same rules apply with accessories! If you tend to wear more neutral colors, bring your look to life with a stunning pair of emerald heels, a lovely vintage nail style, or a DIY button brooch you can easily make at home with your favorite Emerald green buttons and complimentary colors.

A great way to utilize this color into your wardrobe is to customize it into your own piece of DIY jewelry. I love any kind of DIY jewelry because it is all the more personal and there are no rules when it comes to jewelry. A fun and easy project you can do at home is to make a button bracelet. This is a great accessory because you can use different shades of the green to make it more interesting and it’s also a plus when you can tell people you made it yourself!

Here’s an example with a link on how to make your own!

Instuctions from Blogger Kitty cats and Airplanes:

Here are some fun green buttons from our own line that could make cute charms for a button bracelet or great replacement buttons for your favorite garments that could use some sprucing up. Look for these items at your local Joann Fabrics and sewing/craft stores.

You can also find a great variety of green shades and button sizes in one of our many button jars! You can find these button jars at your local Joann Fabrics, Walmart, and favorite local sewing/craft stores.

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