Michaels Button Pendants!

Did you ever wonder how to make Button Pendants? Well if you know how to make rings (check out our project page on our website).   For those lucky enough to attend the Michaels Where Creativity Happens Cruise this coming Sunday one of the MTK will be Loops & Threads Button Rings and coordinating Pendants.

Here is what you will need to create your pendant:

1 card of your choice of Loops & Thread Stackable Buttons


Crafting Wire
Assorted Glass beads
Wire Cutters
Round Nose Pliers
Craft Glue/Hot

Once you’ve made your selection (which in my opinion will be your toughest decision since you have 72 styles to choose from).  Make several you can give them to your friends!

Cut your crafting wire to approximately 10″ – 12″.  Fold in half.  Slide buttons all the way down and give 1 twist.



Start sliding your beads twisting as you go along to create a “cluster”.  Once you’re happy with your cluster twist/wrap wire several times around and snip off excess wire with your wire cutters.  If you’d like you can also wrap your excess wire to create ringlets (which I will show you later).



Now your are ready to place your bail onto your pendant.  Locate your bail.  For this project I used hot glue – add some to the pendant and adhere bail to back of flower.  Let cool.  You can also use and epoxy glue – however you will need 24 hours for this to dry).



Add your favorite chain, ribbon and your ready to wear your necklace!  Below are several additional styles that I made – I couldn’t decide!


So have fun with creating! 

Here is how you make ringlets with your excess wire:

Take the excess wire and with your round nose pliers – begin wrapping the end around the plier:



Once you get the hang of twisting you can also add beads in between wrapping. 



So get creative – add your bail or a ring base.


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