Button Elbow Patches

Add some pizzazz to a simple sweater with these Button Elbow Patches. It’s a little early for Valentine’s Day but we are ready to add some pink and red to our wardrobes. Buttons are great for adding detail to your favorite clothes. These patches are monochromatic, but you can personalize your version. Use a contrasting color of buttons and add your initial. Or a heart. Or a star. Get creative with your patches!

button elbow patches beauty

To make these Button Elbow Patches you will need the following materials:

The Button Artist Buttons and Beads, Red 100005824A

Favorite Findings Red Buttons 550000403A

Felt, Red


Needle and Coordinating Thread

Straight Pins


Marker or Pencil


button elbow patches materials

To begin, determine the size for your elbow patches. Create an oval in the correct size on your computer. Print out and cut the oval template. Trace the template onto the felt and cut out two patches.

button elbow patches step 1

Begin sewing on the buttons randomly. Fill in the spaces with smaller buttons. Repeat on the other patch.

button elbow patches step 2

button elbow patches step 3

Place patches on the elbows of the sweater. Pin into place.

button elbow patches step 4

Sew along the edge of the patches onto the sweater. Take care not to sew through the sleeve.

button elbow patches step 5

button elbow patches final

We used a simple oval shape for the patches. You can change the shape to change the look. Draw a square or rectangle on a piece of paper in the general dimensions you want the patch to be. Sketch your shape inside the rectangle or square. Cut the shape out to create your template.

These button elbow patches work best on a heavier sweater or a jacket. The buttons will add some weight to the elbow area and may stretch a lightweight sweater. Be sure to hand wash your sweater and lay it flat to dry to keep your patches in great shape.

Happy Crafting!!

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