Button Tulle Bows

Colorful hair bows aren’t just for little girls, especially if you need an accessory to brighten-up your winter wardrobe. Here’s a cute hair bow we made with materials you probably already have on hand! We’ve created two versions of these Button Tulle Bows. Changing the color of the tulle and yarn give you different looks.

button tulle bows beauty

To make these Button Tulle Bows you will need the following materials:

JHB 3/4 Inch Petaluma Pink Buttons, 960053087

La Mode 5/8 Inch Yellow Flower Buttons, 400033875A

My Buttons Value Pack in Turquoise, 630005407

Offray 6 Inch Wide Tulle, Pink and Turquoise

Hair Clips

Needle & Thread


Ruler or Measuring Tape

button tulle bows materials

Cut a 20 inch piece of tulle. Fold the tulle lengthwise in half and in half again and pin.

button tulle bows step 1

Next, you will create a rosette with the tulle. Stitch a wide stitch along the edge with the needle and thread. Pull the tulle gently along the thread and gather into a circle. Pull tight and stitch the end closed. Trim the edges as needed to shape the rosette. You can also trim the rosette to make it smaller, if needed.

button tulle bows step 2

button tulle bows step 3

Sew the hair clip to the back or the rosette.

button tulle bows step 4

Cut six pieces of yarn to 4 inches and tie in the middle with another piece of yarn.

button tulle bows step 5

Sew the yarn tassel to the middle of the rosette.

button tulle bows step 6

Sew the buttons to the middle of the rosette to finish. We used multiple buttons in the center but you can also use a larger single button. Check out some of our other flower buttons here.

button tulle bows step 7

You can also turn this Button Tulle Bow into a lapel pin. Instead of a hair clip, sew a pin back onto the rosette. Pin it to a jean jacket or winter coat for a pop of color!

button tulle bows final

Happy Crafting!!


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