Initial Pillow

This Initial Pillow is a creative addition to a kid’s bedroom or a college dorm room. Start with their favorite color for the solid color fabric. Next, add a fun coordinating patterned fabric. Finally, select a large package of matching buttons in different shapes and styles.

initial pillow beauty

To make this Initial Pillow you will need the following materials:

Crafting with Buttons Clamshell Grapefruit – Shades of Pinks and Orange Buttons 47003502

White Card Stock, 12” x 12” Sheet

Solid Color Fabric, 1/2 Yard

Pattern Fabric, 1/2 Yard

Polyester Filler

Sewing Machine

Matching Thread

Hand Sewing Needle




Felt Tip Marker (optional)

Sewing Straight Pins

initial pillow materials

To begin, sketch the letter to desired size on the white card stock. Measure and mark a 1/4 inch seam allowance on all outer and inner edges. Cut out the pattern. If you need a little help, look for a block letter online and print it out to size.

initial pillow step 1

initial pillow step 2

Trace the letter outline on the fabric. Cut two letters from the solid color fabric.

initial pillow step 3

Measure, mark and cut 3 inch wide strips of the pattern fabric. The pillow will require enough of the pattern fabric to go around all the outer and any inner edges. Sew the lengths together if necessary.

initial pillow step 3A

With right sides together, pin the pattern fabric to the solid color letter. Sew a 1/4 inch seam. Trim corners. Repeat for any inner edges.

initial pillow step 4

initial pillow step 5

Attach the buttons in a random pattern to the pillow front using matching thread.

initial pillow step 6

Attach the second letter to the pillow back. Use the same steps as attaching the front to the pattern sides. Leave a portion of the seam open to turn the pillow right side out. Stuff using polyester filling. Hand sew the seam closed.

initial pillow step 7

initial pillow beauty

This project also works great for shapes. Try a heart, a star or a moon!


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