Cupcake Pin Card

Here’s a Valentine’s Day card with a sweet bonus. Your sweetheart can remove and wear the cupcake as a pin! This Cupcake Pin Card could also work as a birthday card. Or change the cupcake to a flower and make a thoughtful Mother’s Day card!

cupcake pin card beauty

To make this Cupcake Pin Card you will need the following materials:

The Button Artist Buttons & Beads, White 100005810A

Favorite Findings 130 Count Assorted Buttons, Red 550000403A

Favorite Findings 130 Count Assorted Buttons, Natural 550000406A

Felt in a Coordinating Color

Needle and Coordinating Thread

Pin Back

White, Red or Pink Card Stock, 8” x 10” Sheet

Glue Gun




cupcake pin card materials

If you don’t want to hand letter your card, use a program on your computer to make it. Using your card stock, print out the card approximately to 6” x 9” and fold in half. Your finished card will by 4.5” x 6”.

Determine a size for the cupcake based on the card size and placement of the lettering. Draw a cupcake on a piece of paper and cut it out. Place the template on top of the piece of felt and trace around all sides then cut cupcake out.

cupcake pin card step 1

Add your first color of buttons to make the cupcake liner by placing the natural buttons down on the felt where you want them. Take care to cover any spaces. Use the needle and thread and sew the buttons on to the felt.

cupcake pin card step 2

Place the red buttons down next and sew. For the icing, place the white buttons down and sew onto the felt. Don’t forget to add a cherry on top with a red button! You can use a black or brown pen to color the felt stem if you like.

cupcake pin card step 3

cupcake pin card step 4

For some of the buttons, we used a different stitch to sew them onto the felt. You can also change the color of your thread for a different look.

Glue the pin back on to the back of the cupcake.

cupcake pin card step 5

Attach the cupcake to the front of the card by carefully pushing the pin in then out again and clip. Your handmade card is complete!

cupcake pin card step 6

cupcake pin card final

Happy Crafting!!

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