Button Hair Comb

Hair accessories can get expensive – why not create your own! And if you are a button collector, you can use materials you already have on hand. We used a selection of lovely gold, silver, and crystal buttons to decorate this Button Hair Comb.

button hair comb final

To make this Button Hair Comb you will need the following materials:

La Mode 3/8 Inch Antique Gold Buttons 400026295A

La Mode 7/16 Inch White & Gold Heart Buttons 400046485A

La Mode 1/4 Inch Gold Shank Buttons 400027020A

La Mode 5/8 Inch Silver Flower Shank Buttons 400024821

La Mode 3/8 Inch Crystal Buttons 400047171

La Mode 7/16 Inch Crystal Buttons 400048168

Offray Hair Combs

Wire, 20 Gauge

Wire Cutters

button hair comb materials

To begin, lay out the buttons to get a rough idea of which buttons you what where.

Cut a 1 yard piece of wire. Twist the end of the wire onto the middle of the comb.

button hair comb step 1

Thread a button onto the wire and close to the comb. Begin wrapping wire around the comb to secure. Move to the next section and add another button or two.

Wrap to secure your second button and add another button close to the others.

button hair comb step 2

button hair comb step 3

Keep adding buttons until you get to the end of one side of the comb. wrap and cut wire. Tuck the end of the wire back into the wrapped area so the sharp point isn’t sticking out.

Cut a new piece of wire. Twist the end around the middle of the comb, close to the buttons.

button hair comb step 4

Continue adding buttons and wrapping wire to the other end of the comb. Once the entire comb is decorated with buttons, cut wire and tuck loose wire under the wrapped wires.

button hair comb step 5

button hair comb final

Too tired to wash your hair in the morning? Pull your hair into a bun and dress it up with the cute Button Hair Comb. You’ll be ready for work in minutes!

button hair comb beauty

Happy Crafting!!

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