Baseball Button Pencil Toppers

In my last blog I promised to post instructions on how to create these fun Baseball Button Pencil Toppers that we created at the JoAnns Crafting at the Ballpark Event that was held several weeks ago…

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 021


  • Assorted Favorite Findings Baseball Theme Buttons

FF Baseball buttons 001

FF Baseball buttons 002     FF Baseball buttons 003

#131 Baseball                     #499 – Red, White, Blue Colors we Love

FF Baseball buttons 004                                        chenille – red, white and blue

Using your chenille – fold one end 1/4″ down forming a u-shape – as shown in photo below.

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 008Select one novelty button (baseball cap, ball, bat…) & one large button (as shown above).

Starting from the bottom push/slide  chenille through the button hole and slide up – your first will be your novelty buttons and then your big button – remember to slide the short chenille stem through the other button hole (if the button has 4 holes you will only be pushing it through 2). See photo below…

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 002


Slide all the way up so that your novelty button rests on top of the big button as shown below.

      JAS 2013 Baseball Event 003

 Twist stems together around the neck to secure buttons.

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 004

Locate your pencil – place flat side of button on top of eraser

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 014

      JAS 2013 Baseball Event 015  JAS 2013 Baseball Event 016

Holding the top of the pencil grab chenille and begin wrapping around pencil. Keep wrapping until all chenille is wrapped. Slide chenille up so you cover the eraser and metal portion of pencil.

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 018

Some may prefer the button portion to “bobble” a bit so leave about 1/4″ from the top!

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 010

And there you go as easy as 1 -2 – 3!

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 009

JAS 2013 Baseball Event 012

Great project for anyone!

Happy Crafting!



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