Batty Tree!

So I was sitting at my craft desk and wondering what other Halloween craft project I can make – so after straightening up a bit I found this “green paper wire wrapped tree” from Easter, some old clay pots painted the wrong color, left over glitter from my previous project and some adhesive sequins and several of my favorite BUTTONS! 


Materials needed:  
Favorite Findings -Just Batty #1359 (6 buttons)
Favorite Findings - Spider Mix #1194 (6 buttons)
Favorite Findings - Autumn Leaves #1433
La Mode - Jack O Lantern #1262
paper wire tree 
Orange seed beads; wire; scissors; black acrylic paint; paintbrush; dry grass; styrofoam; self stick gems; glitter 

Paint tree and clay pot black – set aside to dry. While tress is still wet with paint – sprinkle glitter onto tree make sure to get the branches – shake off excess.  Working with your Favorite Findings Bats and thin wire thread two orange seed beads and thread through the eyes – twist and trim off excess.  To make the double sided pumpkin – you will use two pumpkins – before gluing cut approx. 4 inches of wire fold in half twist and place in the middle of pumpkins – glue pumpkins back to back.

Cut styrofoam so that it fits into pot.  Add gems,  add Favorite Findings Spiders.  Add dry grass – insert tree into center.  Glue bats, felt leaves onto tree.  Add pumpkins and leaves to pot. 





So hopefully I’ve inspired you to work on some fun projects for this weekend!  These also make cute centerpieces! 

Happy Crafting

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