Be Mine Denim Button Heart!

Eighteen days and counting – to what? VALENTINE’s DAY! By now many of you may have completed your crafting projects  (which I actually created earlier last week – but just getting to posting!) and if you’re like me trying to find time to create something “hearty”!

Here is my Be Mine Denim Button Heart that I posted on Instagram and now would love to share with you the how to! So get ready…this is what we’re creating!        
Materials Needed:

Assorted Buttons – Button Jars – White;  LaMode – 46781,  48200,  49174,  48102,  4612;  LaPetite – 147 (the buttons that I selected were my accent pieces – the bling to my heart –  see photo below).  Don’t forget a small red button – either from our Button Jars, Favorite Findings…


  Additional materials: Canvas; old denim jeans; ribbon; staple gun; scissors; pencil; heart template and hot glue gun (or your preference of glue).

For this project I had cut up one of my old jeans from years gone by and hoping and wising one day I’ll be able to use them (wear them) -you all know what I’m talking about!  VOILA! I did  – well not the way I wished atleast those favorite jeans are elsewhere now!  Measure and cut. With your staple gun start stapling one side at a time – careful for the jeans may be soft and tear if pulled to hard. Stretch as evenly as possible. With a pencil and heart template (pulled from images on google!) trace heart onto denim.

Now the fun part – open spread your buttons onto your work space (this allows you to see all of them – I actually used two jars for this project (and had left overs for future).  I suggest laying out the buttons to see how it will look and then I went back and began glueing.


First layer complete – at this point you can just leave it and add your red button and call it a day and that’s fine – but I just love layering and layering…I covered mostly the open spaces between the buttons and plus some…   

As you can see by layering it brings on a fuller look – don’t forget to add your accent (rhinestone buttons, pearl and shell buttons).  Lastly on the button portion glue your red button.

For the final step add ribbon around the frame (I used recylced ribbon but any ribbon red, lace or off white will do).  Cut off any excess denim and hang or place on a stand.

 Final outcome…

BE MINE…Denim Button Heart!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Crafting

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