Big Button Necklace

Well you know fall is in the air when you start to see the stores at the mall stocked with sweaters, boots…and even Paula’s Blog mentioned “Big” buttons (check out the styles that are available).

If you’re a crafter you may say well what do you do with “Big” buttons on crafts – geez you can do so much, from home decor, embellishing garments, jewelry and that’s what I’m going to show you today …

I wanted to make a piece that I would be able to wear all year round. You will need:  1 large button, toggle closure, jewelry wire, glass beads (your choice of color), crimpers.  It does take a little bit of time to decide on how you want your necklace to look – but no matter what, – it’ll look GREAT – becuase you made it! 



On the above photo I wanted to show you that by drilling a small hole in the button – I was able to attach ring and then to the necklace.  For the center I added black wire and attached glass seed beads.

When all done I twisted the beads and it was done!

Don’t be afraid to experiment – how about sandals! Bet you can find some plain sandals – and embellish with a Big Button and some coordinating beads!



Make sure to check out the Project tab at our website and also Paula’s Blog she posted today giving you some hints!

Happy Crafting!


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