Button Butterflies

Add some bright pops of color to your home décor with these Button Butterflies. These little decorations are so easy to make. I used simple wood shapes, painted them in a matching color, and glued layers of coordinating buttons on top. Hang them with a matching piece of tulle or ribbon. These would be pretty hanging on a window or mirror. You can also use these as a pretty package decoration. Just tie onto a wrapped gift with some ribbon.

Button Butterflies Final

To make these Button Butterflies, you will need the following materials:

Button Jar Marigold   540001010  (you may need more than one jar!)

Offray Tulle in Orange Cream

Offray Tulle in Yellow

Glue Gun


Yellow and Orange Acrylic Paint

Wood Butterflies in Various Shapes

Foam Brushes

Button Butterflies Materials

To begin, paint each of the 3 butterflies.  Be sure to paint both the front and back of each butterfly. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Button Butterflies Step 1

Create a loop of tulle to hang the butterflies. Cut pieces of tulle to desired length and fold in half.  Tie the ends of the tulle into a knot.  Attach with glue to the back and at the top of each butterfly. Glue a button over the knot and push to flatten.

Button Butterflies Step 2

Select buttons in a variety of sizes to use for each butterfly. Lay out the intended design next to each butterfly. Begin gluing the first layer of buttons onto the wood pieces. Then layer smaller sizes and alternate shades on top of the first layer. Continue adding buttons until you have a design you like.

Button Butterflies Step 3

Button Butterflies Final

There are so many fun wood shapes available; you can create decorations for any occasion. Try covering the butterflies or an initial in pink buttons and add to a nursery wall. Use Christmas shapes to create ornaments and package decorations for the holidays.



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