Button Carrot

Now that spring has arrived, it is time to start planning for Easter! This cute little button carrot is so easy to make. Use them for decorations or add a whimsical touch to your table for Easter dinner.

Button Carrot Step 3

To make this button carrot you will need the following supplies:

Clamshell Papaya Shades of Orange Buttons 470003503

Button Jar – Marigold 540001010

Offray Stitches Grosgrain Ribbon, 7/8 Inch Wide, Apple Green 795741

Craft Wire


Button Carrot Materials

To begin, select a group of buttons in different sizes and arrange them from large to small by stacking them.  This way you can figure out the shape of your button carrots. For this one, I chose long and skinny but you can make some really cute short carrots with some of the larger buttons.

Cut a piece of wire to about 14 inches in length. Bend it in half, creating a “u” shape in the middle. Make sure the ends are the same length so it will be easier to thread the buttons onto the wire.

Start with the smallest button and thread the wire ends through the button holes. Push the button all the way to the bent end of the wire. Add the remaining buttons, working from small to large.

Button Carrot Step 1

Once you have completed the carrot, twist the ends to the wire once to hold the buttons in place. Then create a small loop with the wire, twist the ends to complete and trim the ends of the wire. Cut a 10 inch piece of ribbon. Feed the ribbon through the wire loop. Tie the ribbon in a knot to cover the ends of the wire. Trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle and arrange to create the top of your button carrot.

Button Carrot Step 2

To hang the carrots, use an additional piece of ribbon. Thread it through the loop first and then add the ribbon for the carrot top.

Button Carrot Final 2

Having guests? Turn these sweet little carrots into place card holders and favors!



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