Button Infinity Scarf

Mornings are surely getting a bit chiller around here and it’s time to rummage through your winter clothing to see if you’re ready for the weather ahead.  Today I opted to restyle an earlier project we created and honestly the possibilities are endless – hence the name infinity!

IMG_2300 (406x500)

Coconut Buttons – Crafting with Buttons #590005011 (available at Hancock Fabrics)
la petite #042500107 (Clear buttons)
coordinating floss; needle; scissors; head pins; Rit Dye – cherry, apple green, sunshine orange and royal blue; bowl, spoon; newspaper; paper towels
Scarf – either a new one or maybe refresh last years!

Yes you read the materials correctly – we are going to dye our buttons again! Once you start dying you can’t stop (buttons).  Plus you had the left overs from the last project…

The original scarf was knitted by Sharon Braden a young lady I met several years ago at CHA and also has a shop on Etsy.

I can honestly leave the buttons I have on there now which are our Crafting wtih Buttons – Coconut Buttons #470001605 or freshen them up with a new look!

       IMG_2291 (630x473)

So lets get started. Prep your area – lay down newspapers or towels.  Follow directions on dye package. Hint – wet your button prior to dying providing additional moisture in the button.

   IMG_2308 (630x473)

above are the colors I used for this project

  IMG_2179 (375x500)

IMG_2178 (630x473)

IMG_2180 (630x473)

once you remove your buttons – rinse under cold water – let dry overnight.

Determine placement of buttons – I used pins.

IMG_2293 (375x500)



With larger buttons and especially on soft fabric buttons have a tendency of “flopping”.  I suggest that you use a button for support on the underside – la petite #107 this is a clear button and will solve the problem. These are also known as “backer buttons”.

IMG_2295 (630x473)

I matched up my thread (I used embroidery floss) to my button – or get creative and interchange the colors…green on the orange – red on blue (just a suggestion).

IMG_2298 (630x473)

these are the la petite buttons #107 stitched on the underside.

      IMG_2296 (375x500)       IMG_2297 (630x473)

you don’t want them to far apart…

IMG_2299 (375x500)

Wondering why I used four different colors….as you know your scarf will flop and the nice thing about that I created two looks!

IMG_2310 (630x333)

so get creative with your scarf or sweater – or even on that bag/tote!

Here are some addiitonal buttons that are available at Hancock Fabrics…

IMG_2306 (375x500)

Large Coconut Buttons

 Happy Crafting!




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