Hat and Glove Set

The holidays are over, and winter is here. It’s the perfect time to do some serious crafting if you’re stuck indoors. Fight off the winter blahs by making this button embellished Hat and Glove Set. It’s a fun way to give an old pair of gloves and hat a new look! We selected specific crystal buttons for this project, but you can also use buttons you already have on hand.

hat and glove set final

To make this Hat and Glove Set you will need the following materials:

La Mode 3/8 Inch Glamour Gem Buttons, 520005234A

Flower Garden 3/4 Inch White Flower Buttons, 480004838

La Mode 7/16 Inch Crystal Buttons, 172500082

La Mode 3/4 Inch Crystal Gold Flower Buttons, 400047234A

La Petite 3/8 Inch Crystal Buttons, 172500075

3/4 Inch Crystal Petals Buttons, 340000008A

La Mode 5/8 Inch Glamour Gem Buttons, 520005210A

Matching Thread and Needle


hat and glove set materials

Arrange buttons on the hat and gloves in small clusters to determine the layout. Take a photo of your arrangement to help with placement as you sew.

hat and glove set step 1A

hat and glove set step 1B

Begin sewing the buttons on the hat and gloves. Start with larger buttons and fill-in around them with the smaller buttons.

hat and glove set step 2

We paired crystal buttons and flower shapes with a pastel green. You can also go bold with bright colors, fun shapes, and even letters. This is a fun project for kids. Let them pick out the colors and buttons. You can sew the buttons to their favorite hat and mittens.

hat and glove set step 2A

If you use the crystal, or any of our specialty buttons, be sure to hand wash the hat and gloves. Lay flat to dry.

hat and glove set final

Want to get ahead on gifts for next Christmas? Pick up knit gloves and hats when they go on clearance. Embellish them with buttons and give them as gifts to your family and friends next Christmas!


Happy Crafting!!

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