Buttons Turned Into Valentine Gifts

Looking to wear something special for that special day (no, not that day) Valentine’s Day! Sure you can wear a sweet pink or red sweater but how about adding a piece of jewelry that you actually created. That’s right I’m going to show you how to create your own Valentine’s jewelry for you to keep or to share with that someone special…


Today we’re creating button heart earrings and a beautiful button cabbage rose ring.

Materials:  LaMode Button: 44751 hearts – only available at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
LaMode Button: 43973 rose – only available at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
LaMode Button: 43974 red button – only available at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
Epoxy glue; wire cutter; earring posts and ring findings.



To begin, remove buttons from cards.  Since your working with and epoxy glue, I suggest that you cover your work area and also work in a ventilated room (although you’re not working with the glue long enough it does have a very strong scent).

Now are you wondering why I have selected the additional red button? Because my red rose buttons does not have a flat back I needed to create this back – hence the button in the hollow center! My button will rest inside.


I selected silvertone findings for my jewelry – gold tone is available – it’s a preference.


if you’ve never worked with E6000 this is what it looks like (you’ll find this in the adhesive – glue aisle). Wire cutters – these are sharp so I suggest if you’re working with children to do the next step for them.


As you can see the heart button does have a shank and it needs to be removed and it’s also metal.  This needs to be cut off. When cutting a metal shank I find that when you start from the top – by cutting open the shank and then snipping on either side is just a bit easier on the tool.  Make sure to cut away from you preferably into a garbage/plastic bag – this will prevent it flying across the room.  TIP: whenever cutting the back of a button make sure to always point it down and away from anyone. Always wear protective eyewear.


repeat the same procedure as you did with the metal button. As you can see from the above photo the button does not have a flat back – this is why we are using an additional button.

With your epoxy add some to the back of the earring back. You don’t need a lot – as you can see from my photo below some “oozed” out but that’s okay it dried clear.


Place the post near the top of the button and let dry overnight. The reason for placing it on the upper portion vs center – your button is heavy so you don’t want it to fall or droop forward when it’s sitting in your ear! they do make the wide discs for the back of the earring – you just have to look for them (check the jewelry aisle).


moving onto the ring: I suggest that you glue the flower to the button first. Once dried, adhere to the ring base with the epoxy or hot glue. Let dry.


And there you go. Who would think that these are buttons? EXACTLY! Now you have two new pieces to wear or to share!

Don’t forget to check our website for some additional heart buttons to create your special buttons jewelry pieces.


Don’t forget to visit our web site for some additional HEART BUTTONS!






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