I always wanted to create one of these candy cane things!  Seen them in magazines, internet…and now I’ve created my own!  I’m sure most of you have a plastic container in the cupboard and what’s a house without candycanes? Buttons – visit your favorite fabric and craft store and check out the large assortment of buttons they carry by La Mode. 

Here are the materials that you will need:

    The Collection by La Mode buttons: #4522, #4510 or #4511

    Plastic container

    Red ribbon (your choice)

    Glue Dots (clear)

    Candy Canes (2 packs of 24)

    Hot Glue Gun


 Lay out all your components (just to make sure you have everything!).  I found the easiest way was to place my glue dot directly onto the plastic container – then attach the candy canes…


or if you’d like you can place them directly onto the candy cane and then adhere…


And honestly that’s it.  Keep going around the whole container until you’ve covered it.


wrap your ribbon around and glue for placement. You can double up on your ribbon if you’d like – depending on how tall your candy canes are – since my velvet ribbon was narrow I added an additional ribbon underneath.

Here is where it gets tricky!  WHAT BUTTON SHOULD I USE?   

I opted to make two so I used the buckle (#4522) on one with a bow and then one simple rhinestsone #4510 on the other (your choice to add the bow).

Remember the Holidays are just in a couple of days – have left over ribbon candy canes and we all have plastic containers! why not give it a try!



So have fun this Holiday Season.  May all your wishes come true!

            Merry Christmas      Happy Hanukkah     Happy Kwanzaa

and a


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