Can’t Have Enough Button Rings

Several months ago I had to prepare some BUTTON RINGS for a presentation, and just now I found them hidden in a box! I guess with the move and all everything ended up a bit shuffled around the office…So now it’s time to set them free.

Hopefully we can inspire you to create your own – but here is what I came up with…


Have fun with them!

yes the two above are pendants they actually coordinate with the rings

And for those who like a bit of GLITZ on thier finger (seriously who doesn’t!)

 I actually haven’t decided what this group will be – either pendants or rings…or maybe just connect them all together and make one “funky” necklace?  

So visit your local fabric craft store and see what you can come up with.  All the buttons above are from our LaMode, Glamour Gems or Vintage line.

 The combinations are endless…lets see what you can come up with!?

Happy Crafting!

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