CHA 2013 Welcomes Us!

As you are all aware CHA 2013 came early this year ! With all the hustling and bustling we got it done and shipped. Now, it’s a puzzle waiting to be put together!  The first three days are basic set-up of the booths.  Many of you only see the finished view but today I’m going to show you what it takes to put it together!

Here is the entrance and what waits on the other side of those doors well…     

We start with a blank spot and all the work is being put together by several behind the scenes folks – first there’s Rudy doing final check on all the shipments and Mike doing final prep before carpet goes down!

Here are several more shots of other booths about to be put together!

There is much work to be done yet and we did a lot today but I can’t show you everything all at once! So stop by tomorrow for day 2 conclusion!

So good night for now!


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