Creating projects with your children can be so much fun and inexpensive.  Check out this cute Valentine Heart pins created out of recycled corrugated boxes.


Before I go on any further – in a previous blog that I posted “Pay it Forward” (where you give credit to those who have inspired you…) These hearts were inspired by a shop that I found on Etsy and with the designers permission we created these for a MTK several years back. 

Now I’m again presenting these ideas to you again – I love the idea taking something so simple such as a corrugated box and creating these cute  Valentine pins. 

Materials:  Assorted Favorite Findings Big Value Bag Buttons # 550002009 Multi
                Corrugated box; Plaid Paint (your color choice); Embroidery floss; glue; pinbacks;    
                scissors;paint brush; newspaper
Before you begin always cover your work space the paper (newspaper).  

Trace assorted size hearts onto your corrugated box. Cut out with scissors. To get the ripple part of your heart – begin by peeling back layers of the box/paper – you will get to the part of the ripples. Continue on the balance of your hearts. See below I’ve shown you the “evolution” of the corrugated heart.

Trace your hearts onto the corrugated box.


begin peeling back…


peel some more…


And voila the corrugated heart!

Paint the hearts – let dry.  While the heart is drying (and they do dry quickly) begin stacking your buttons 2 – 3 high works nicely.  With your embroidery floss weave down and up and knot on top.  With your choice of glue (I used hot glue) adhere to heart.  Let cool.  Attach pinback onto the back of heart…




Make a whole bunch and trade with your friends.

Hope this project inspired you to create your Valentine’s Heart!


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