Elsa Schiaparelli

Today I would like to show some love for one of my favorite designers of the past, Elsa Schiaparelli. She was one of the most prominent fashion figures between the two World Wars. Although her aesthetic was fantastically quirky, controversial, and specific, it is not difficult to find traces of her style being emulated throughout the fashion industry today. One of the things that Schiaparelli was most celebrated for was her keen eye for detail. She often times collaborated with artists such as Jean Clement or Roger Jean-Pierre to execute button designs.
She was visionary with a great sense of whimsy. I only wish she was as recognizable as her greatest rival, Coco Chanel, who falls on the opposite end of the aesthetic radar with very classic, simple, delicate designs.
I’m very excited to share a few photos of some of her quirkiest buttons, because this lady had some serious button game!

The first set of photos displays a Jacket made by Schiaparelli for her 1938 collection titled “The Circus”. This particular piece uses cast metal and enamal hand painted buttons in the shape of Acrobats. How clever and adorable!!

Acrobat Buttons




This is a Jacket which is also featured in her collection The Circus, which includes metal and glass beaded appliqués on the front and large cold painted cast metal alloy buttons in the form of circus horses.



The next set of photos are from Schiaparelli’s 1939 collection for House of Schiaparelli which was music themed. In this collection, you can find an abundance of whimsical musical bits like piano key buttons, harp buttons, and musical symbol clasps- not to mention that the fabric is decorated with an array of musical notes! Sounds beautiful!

Piano buttons


Check out this Interesting mermaid button she used for a hot pink dress suit. How perfect for today’s mad mermaid obsession!
mermaid button

mermaid button


I have to also share the GORGEOUS detail on this wrap coat by Schiaparelli that is to die for. I would love to have this in my closet! I could easily see this being fashionable today.


All hail to the uber cool button Queen! We could learn a thing or two from this risk taking innovator. If you haven heard of Schiaparelli before, I certainly hope you enjoyed the designs on this blog!


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