Fall Felt Button Brooch

Last week, we shared with you the wide variety of fall and Halloween buttons we carry. This week, we will show you how to use our Felt Buttons to create a Fall Felt Button Brooch. It’s a simple and colorful project you can add to a jacket, blazer, shirt or bag. You can layer the flower shapes into a single brooch or create a cluster of flowers by gluing different designs together. There are so many options. You might want to make more than one!

Fall Felt Button Brooch Final

To make the Fall Felt Button Brooch, you will need the following materials:

Felt Button Value Pack in Autumn Burst  550002034

Button Jar in Red  540001006

Button Jar in Marigold   540001010

Bar Pins

Coordinating Thread



Glue Stick

Fall Felt Button Brooch Materials

To begin, layer the felt pieces and buttons to create your design. Try using multiple layers to create interest and add more color. Use a regular button in a contrasting color as the center of your flower.

Select one of the largest felt buttons as the starting point for your brooch. Using the needle and thread, sew a bar pin onto the back of the large felt button with a few stiches. Use the holes in the bar and stitch closely to the outside of the bar to keep it from sliding around. Be sure to keep the pin closed while assembling your Fall Felt Button Brooch.

Fall Felt Button Brooch Step 1

Separately, sew together the other felt buttons and regular buttons to create your other layered pieces.

Fall Felt Button Brooch Step 2

Use the glue stick to glue the layered pieces onto the large felt button. Allow the glue to dry.

Fall Felt Button Brooch Step 3

Fall Felt Button Brooch Final2

This project is so easy and makes a great little gift. Add them to a gift-wrapped package for October and November birthdays.

Fall Felt Button Brooch Package
Our Felt Buttons also come in other shapes, including Poinsettias, Hearts and Flowers. And in other colors, including brights, pinks and purples. You can make these simple brooches using other themes. They would make a thoughtful holiday gift for your co-workers!


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