Fashion Week Spring 2014

So all of you fashion addicts know that New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 was just around the corner and from what I’ve seen, I’m definitely looking forward to next Spring =) Actually, can we just skip winter all together? I don’t know if I have the strength for another winter!

In the midst of all this fashion frenzy I thought I’d share some really creative photos that one of my lovely coworkers showed me the other day by Sarah Silver for TRESemme, official haircare sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013. I absolutely love their take on fashion in these ads…aren’t they fun??

buttons in hair

TRESemme spool

TRESemme pin cushion

TRESemme measuring tape

Trend Watch – Fashion Week for Spring 2014

Since we’re on the topic of Fashion Week, here are some trends I noticed while snooping through runway photos. I have to admit that I have a love affair with Black & White and I’m so happy to see that it’s a trend that is continuing to be stay prominent for the next season to come. Here are some of my favorite black and white duos of Spring 2014 fashion week.

Black and White Fashion Trends

NY fashion week spring 2014 B&W

black and white buttons


Beige Hues

Along with black and white, I noticed quite a bit of beige in many of the collections. Almost all of which had such an enchanting look, wether they were dripping in reflective beads and crystals or flowing with frothy and airy fabrics like chiffon, organza, and georgette. Either way, really stunning!

NY Spring fashion week beige

beige buttons

Matching Prints and lots of color

Last but certainly not least! I noticed a sea of matching prints! AAAAHHHH FINALLY! I can breathe a sigh of relief! I can’t match unmatched prints even if I was offered a lifetime of free Dunkin Donuts Vanilla chai’s. Seeing so many unmatched prints walking the city streets before me make my head spin- it’s like I’m looking through kaleidoscope glasses! Not that I don’t like mixing and matching..It’s just difficult for me to do it right! here are some freshly matched print looks =)

NY fashion week spring 2014 matching prints

color pattern buttons

If you’re a sewer, get your designing caps on and create your own special looks- and make sure to share them with us on facebook! I’m looking forward to making my own looks now that I have some inspiration under my belt!


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