Glitz It Up For the New Year!

Have a special night planned for the New Year? Why not add some Glitz jewelry to the mix – Glitz buttons that is! Yes this set is actually made with BUTTONS. You too can make this great set…

Materials needed:

La Mode – style #31626; La Mode – style #2629; LeBouton – style #6117 (available at Walmart). Check out your favorite local Craft store such as: Michaels Craft Stores, JOANNS Craft Stores for great selection of Glitz buttons.

La Mode Button Shank Remover; Drill bit; jewelry findings – necklace bail; earring wire; 4 jump rings; epoxy glue.

Remove buttons from cards.

With your button shank remover carefully remove the shank from the glitz button (remember to ALWAYS point away from you – wear glasses)

Once removed it should look like this.

With the epoxy glue dab a small amount to the back of the metal button and place on top of the larger button. Follow same procedure with the glitz button. Set aside to dry.

Once epoxy glue has set – attach bail to the pendant:

Let this set.

Button Glitz Earrings:

Remove the shank from the back of the Glitz button. (REMEMBER to carefully remove and face AWAY from you). With the epoxy glue attach glitz button to the metal button. Let this set/dry.

Using a drill bit – carefully drill a hole into the metal button. Attach two gold jump rings and attach to wire earring.

Add your favorite chain, ribbon – and ring in the New Year with GLITZ!


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