Going in Circles for Father’s Day…

Okay, maybe not the best title – but at least it got your attention! Still don’t have a clue what to get or should I say “make” him for Father’s Day? You only have two full days left not sure what you’re waiting for but maybe I can INSPIRE you to create him a handmade iPad case and cell phone case for him! It’s easy and quick…

Felt Pad Cases 002

Materials Needed:  Favorite Findings #1403 – Waves
(2) 9″ x 12″ felt sheets – for this project I used an oatmeal color (grey is good too)
Black embroidery floss & needle

First thing you’ll want to do is place you’re pad ontop of the felt – you may want to trim excess before you start your project . Next layout out your idea onto the felt sheet  – I find that if  I take a photo of the project with my phone I can go back and refer to the layout when I’m stitching…

Felt Pad Cases 001

So now that I figured out my pattern, I’m ready to stitch the felt buttons onto my felt sheet.  I used black floss for stitching and I’ll also use this to color to stitch around the outer edges. If you want to add additinal stitching to the buttons, I suggest that you do this now it’s much harder once you’ve stitched the felt together.   Once you’ve stitched all the buttons on you will now lay this sheet ontop of the extra felt sheet. Starting at one corner whip stitch all the way around the outer edges…if you’re not sure how to whipstitch there are some great tutorials on “you tube”.

felt ipad3

So when you’re done your pad will look like this…but don’t stop there add a cell phone – here you’ll need only 1 additional sheet .


Felt Pad Cases 006


Felt Pad Cases 003

So what are you waiting for – and then when you’re done you can create one for yourself!

owl case 1

It will surely be a HOOT!



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