Halloween Button Art Pumpkin

Wanted to create something fun and whimsical for the Halloween season and with Button Art  creating such a stir how could I resist.  I actually created this for Hancock Fabrics and was featured in their Halloween Inspirational Pamphlet along with some additional inspirational projects.

IMG_4908 (375x500)

Although I did not create step outs here are some easy follow step by step and material listings for you…

Materials: Button Jar 5400/1010 Marigold (2 jars); Crafting with Buttons 5700/9 5/8″ & 5700 7/8″ orange (2 packs each);
1/2 yard burlap fabric; spray adhesive; ribbon; seed beads – orange, brown and green 8×10 recycled board; computer/printer; pencil/scissors/hot glue/adhesive

For those who don’t have the availability to get a pre-made burlap canvas – measure and cut fabric to cover recycled board (there’s always a way to create things!). Spray board and cover with burlap – trim excess. Tip: if you’d like you can tuck ends under or create a fringe finish.

Search computer for pumpkin template and print.  Trace onto fabric.

Fill in pumpkin with buttons – suggest you lay out buttons first before gluing to give you an idea of where you need to adjust your layout!  Refer to photo – remember to leave a small gap for beads.  Use glue to fill in gaps with beads.  Once your first layer is completed you can go back and layer additional buttons on top.

Create beaded stump (stem) and green leaves with glue and beads.  Set aside and let glue dry.

Add ribbon for hanging.

IMG_4911 (620x465)

         Important to always remember when working with adhesive glue to remove the glue strings! After I noticed this photo I went back and using a pin I lifted all the excess glue strings – it’s the worse feeling to have those “hanging around” lol.

This gives you an idea on the beading – use variations of orange -yellow- beads we all have colorful beads in our craft drawers!

IMG_4910 (620x465)

And you’ve created your Halloween Pumpkin Button Art!



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