Holiday Button Art Wreath

Whether for your front door or walls this Holiday Button Art Wreath created with The Button Artist will surely brighten up the home!

IMG_2218 (630x473)

Here is what you’ll need:
The Button Artist #100005826 Amazon (also available at JoAnn Fabrics and Craft stores!)
BUTTONS AND BEADS #432598 (available at Michael’s Craft Stores only)
Burlap matt board
Red Ribbon
Glue Adhesive

     IMG_2386 (370x500)

Make sure to check out our website for The Button Artist products or visit JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores for additional holiday colors such as Red, Wine and White!

IMG_2434 (302x500)

These are also available at Michael’s Craft Stores also in 5 assorted colors but it’s found a bagged pack!  We have the dark green, red, white, black and blue available in Michael’s stores!

To begin – create a template – determine size you want – you can use a bowl, plate to create your circle. With scissors cut. Place on burlap and with pencil trace.  If you couldn’t find a pre-covered burlap matt/canvas you can create your own.

Use either a pre-stretched canvas or matt board measure and cut burlap fabric to size. For this you may want to use a spray adhesive for the front and lay fabric down. Secure excess fabric to back. You’ll want felt to cover the back. Adhere with glue.

   IMG_4273 (630x473)

  This next step is your choice – however I like to separate my buttons by size this way I see what I’m working with.  Place the seed bead and mini buttons into a small container.

   IMG_4274 (375x500)

Next layout your first layer of buttons onto matt/canvas. Don’t lay the buttons to close to edge – remember your going to go back and fill in with beads.

   IMG_4275 (630x473)

Once you’re happy with the way it looks begin gluing. Now go back and fill in empty space with the extra buttons and shown below.

Next you’ll want to do this in sections. Run glue along the outer edges and lay beads on top. Keep going all around.  Repeat to the inside.

    IMG_4277 (630x473)

Let glue dry overnight.  Add decorative bow.

   IMG_4279 (630x473)

Now you’re ready to hang on your door, wall or place on a stand.

IMG_2217 (630x473)

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