Icy Ice Holiday Necklace

With holiday gatherings coming up,  we all would  like to always have that special piece of jewelry that will sparkle! Well how about bringing the ice indoors and around your neck? That’s right this Icy Ice Necklace will surely bring in a cool breeze as you come indoors!


With this new group of buttons the crafting is endless and no one will even know/think that these are buttons!

Materials needed: (1) pack Icy Ice Sewing Buttons #470003501
Silver jewelry chain; glass beads; silver accent pieces; bead string wire; (4) crimp tubes; jewelry tools; ribbon




layout out (more or less) the style of your necklace. For this necklace I opted to go with two lengths – one shorter, one longer.  Trust me this necklace is lightweight and not heavy around your neck (since the buttons are acrylic) your adding the glass beads in between.

once you’ve decided – cut your wire to your desired length (remember to leave enough to finish the edges).


I first strung all my buttons and beads and then I finished them as shown above – this way I knew how short my inside strand should be.  insert your two pieces of wire through the flat glass piece adding silver beads to cover the crimp beads.  String through your silver accent piece and then crimp to secure. Repeat to the other side. I added ribbon so that I can just slide this over my head.




Kinda reminds me of “Rock Candy”  – but please don’t try to bite into this necklace!



check out the many other colors we have available: plums, mint, lilacs, honeydew, papaya and many more to your liking!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Crafting!

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