Meet the homemade dolls Button Monsters

It’s time for some fluffy, MONSTER fun! Sad you didn’t win a stuffed toy out of the claw machine this summer?  You can make your own homemade dolls at home… These friends are far more squishy than scary and I think you will find them lots of fun to sew. Lets get started!

Meet Fin & Polly….

Homemade dolls with buttons

Supplies Needed: Buttons as listed, 1/2 yard fleece or Cuddle fabric, Felt for eyes, arms, legs & antenna, fiber stuffing, embroidery floss, general sewing tools & supplies. You’ll need to print your pattern pieces off here. They are available as a FREE PDF download.

How to make your own homemade dolls with buttons

(Fin – the green one)
The buttons I used for him are the La Mode See-Thru #1996 for his eye, and assorted choices from the Marigold and Purple Button Jars.


Start by cutting out your fabrics as explained on the pattern pieces you’ve printed. Gather your materials

Stitch the felt pieces together as pictured
Stitch felt parts

Position your eye, arms and antenna in place, pin & baste by stitching about 1/4″ from edge.


Sew your button eye in place.


For the back, you’ll need to sew your spines by placing your felt spines between your 2 back pieces, right sides together. I found that trimming my spines to 3 spikes made for a better fit, but you can create according to your preference.


Next, you will need to place your front and back monster pieces right sides together with arms & antenna carefully folded inside. Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ opening for turning and stuffing.


Once sewn, turn your monster right sides out, smoothing the edges from inside using a turning tool or pencil.

Hand sew a stuffed doll


Stuff your monster nice and full and stitch the opening closed.


Now you are ready to add your button accents to the monster’s arms, antenna and spines. IMG_7089IMG_7231IMG_7234IMG_7238

Fin is ready to be given to a special person for play or decoration!

homemade dolls fin

Create Polly the blue hand sewn button monster

For Polly I’ve used Favorite Findings #1396 Fun Mini Stars, #1334 Lime Spots and #80 Hearts.


Cut your fabrics as instructed on your pattern pieces.


Arrange your button eyes according to the suggestions on your pattern pieces or however you feel inspired to do so. Note…sewing the buttons on your shoes now will allow for the stitching to be hidden between the 2 layers when sewn together.


Stitch the mouth with embroidery floss. Pin your feet, and yarn hair if you want your Polly to have curls, and baste in place as instructed above with Fin.

Sew your front and back monster pieces together using a 1/2″ seam allowance, with your feet and hair carefully sandwiched inside, leaving a 2″ opening for turning and stuffing. Turn, smooth and stuff as described with Fin.

Polly is ready to be cuddled or gifted to a special someone now as well.

Homemade dolls polly

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