Organization for Dad!

Gee let’s see Father’s Day – hmmm what can we create for the man who says he has everything? How about getting his desk at work organized! Here is a sweet and quick project that you can create with things that you may have in your craft drawer or around the house…and with our New Favorite Findings Wood Buttons it’s sure to be a hit…

FF Wood Jute Blog 015

Materials: New Favorite Findings #1569 Indian Summer
Recycled pencil holder or an old soup can (washed of course!). Jute rope; Braiding cord, glue, scissors

New FF Wood 6-4-2013 005

Aren’t these great looking “earthy” buttons – these are wood buttons with screened art ontop! Later in my blog I’ll show you the other styles we have available!

FF Wood Jute Blog 001          FF Wood Jute Blog 003

So,  I jumped the gun a bit and actually started working on my holder before I realized I needed to take a photo – but as you can see – I’m using one that was just a white holder that had a company name that was given to me for recycling (we love to re-use). I began glueing from the top and kept working my way down adding glue as I needed it.

FF Wood Jute Blog 002           FF Wood Jute Blog 004

Set aside to dry a bit and select 6 buttons –  with the orange cord (faux stitching) start from the top – go in and then come back out the other hole knot – do this to the remaining 5 buttons.

FF Wood Jute Blog 005 Wiht the natural cord and glue,  begin creating a “loopy” design on your pencil case until it looks like…and then add your buttons with glue.

FF Wood Jute Blog 007     FF Wood Jute Blog 006

 There is no pattern – you create your own…

FF Wood Jute Blog 011FF Wood Jute Blog 015

Add some pencils, pens and if he LOVES to CRAFT with you add some colorful pencils!

Here are some additional New Favorite Findings in wood…

New FF Wood 6-4-2013 002

     New FF Wood 6-4-2013 003     New FF Wood 6-4-2013 009

 #1571 – Meadow Flowers                        #1570 Floral Stampede

     #1572 – Petal Pushers                       #1573 – For the Birds

New FF Wood 6-4-2013 016Hopefully these Buttons will Inspire you to CREATE your special gift for Dad or something special for someone or maybe just for You!



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