Pastel Button Ornaments

We used an icy color theme to create these Pastel Button Ornaments in a simple wreath shape. Change the colors and shapes to create button ornaments that coordinate with your existing Christmas tree decorations.

pastel button ornaments beauty

To make these Pastel Button Ornaments you will need the following materials:

La Mode, 3/8 Inch Agoya Shell Buttons, White, 400048199A

La Mode, 7/16 Inch Buttons, Aqua Blue, 200003623A

La Mode, 3/4 Inch Buttons, Aqua Blue, 200003625A

Bliss, Stacking Buttons, White, 340000045

JHB, 1-1/8 Inch Super Star, Gold, 960090095

Tis the Season, Wood Deer Buttons, Gold, 550002530

Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon, Aqua, 5/8 Inch Wide

Offray Quasar Ribbon, Gold, 1/8 Inch Wide

Lightweight Cardboard, 8 Inch Square

Cutting Blade

Glue Gun



pastel button ornaments materials

To begin, place the cardboard on a table and trace around a glass or similar round object. You can also print out circles to trace. We used a 3 inch outer circle with a 2 inch inner circle to make our wreath ornament template. Cut the template out from the cardboard.

pastel button ornaments step 1

Start gluing the buttons in place using random size white buttons.

pastel button ornaments step 2

Next, glue down a second layer of randomly placed aqua buttons. Overlap them so you don’t see the cardboard template underneath. Now glue on the wood deer and gold stars.

pastel button ornaments step 3

Cut a piece of gold ribbon to 7 inches long. Loop it through the ornament and secure the ends with some hot glue. Cut a piece of aqua ribbon to 8 inches long. Tie it onto the gold hanging ribbon by making a simple knot. Trim both ends of ribbon on a slant. You can also tie pieces of aqua ribbon into small bows and glue onto the wreaths.

pastel button ornaments step 4

If you like to have your ornaments dangle from the branches, you should repeat the above steps. This will make sure you have buttons covering the cardboard on both sides. These Pastel Button Ornaments also make great additions to wrapped packages and holiday gift baskets!

pastel button ornaments beauty

Happy Crafting!!

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