Peeps on a Stick!

Is it me or the holidays just keep coming faster and faster…It’s amazing how the holidays just “hop” up behind us! We seemed rushed these days but we always make time for a craft or two…Which leads me into my project today! Peeps on a Stick…we’ve seen them in stores – kids love them and well it’s either you love them or hate them – but as a craft project they are cute! I must mention I was “inspired” by a photo I pinned from Pinterest…and I thought how cute is this so a shout out goes to:

So here we go…my version of Peeps on a Stick!

Easter 2013 013

Here are the materials you will need: Favorite Findings Assorted Buttons (your choice); La Mode Novelty buttons;  craft sticks; Fun Fur yarn; green paint; assorted ribbon; glue; Peeps; scissors; green shredded grass paper; decorative tin; floral Styrofoam; clear plastic cellophane bags.

Easter 2013 004   Easter 2013 005

So I never really know which button I’m going to use – so I’ve included some of which I thought would work really well!

I’m amazed of what can be found in my bins here and in the end it all works! I used wooden craft sticks – however you can use the white lollipop sticks you find in the bakeware department (they may not be as long).  I painted one stick green (but remember only paint 1/2 way up) and the other two sticks I covered with green fun fur! (again only 1/2 way up – yes it did remind me of grass and that is why I used it).

Easter 2013 006Easter 2013 007

Easter 2013 008

Next pull apart your Peeps (I recommend that you take a knife a cut them apart).  Slide them down the stick – I used three per stick. They will nestle on top of each other. Place/slide them into the plastic wrap and then tie/secure with ribbon – make a bow.  Trim excess ribbon and plastic.

Easter 2013 012

Layer buttons – as shown above and adhere with glue (hot glue worked well – hold for a minute or two until it cools).

Add floral Styrofoam into decorative tin and insert sticks…add the shredded green paper and you’re done! This is such an easy project to create with the kids – but remember to buy extra “Peeps” !Easter 2013 014

Thank you again – Leigh Anne of for the inspiration!

Happy Easter!

Happy Crafting!

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