• Button Jars 4 oz. program Assorted Colors, 8 colors available #540001009 green, #540001006 red, #540001005 pink, 540001004 black, #540001003 white, #540001008 purple, #540001010 marigold, #540001007 blue • Photo fabric: #010620533 Cotton Poplin, 4 x 6 inch sheets • Warm and Natural batting • Fabric quarters: black print, turquoise print, hot pink print, yellow print • Embroidery floss: black, red, yellow, green • Darning needle • Scissors • Ruler • Black fine point marker • Straight pins • Patterns • Computer/printer


1. Google free downloads vintage frames and select one you like. Make a document with your frame. Inside frame, using a font you like, put the word Bleuet (cornflower). Repeat with Cornouiller (dogwood), Petuna, and Dahlia (dahlia). Print each on a 4×6 cotton piece. Remove paper backing. 2. Cut 2 warm and natural pieces 4 x 6 inch. Pin 2 layers batting and one printed fabric together. 3. Cut black fabric strips: 3/4 inch x 6 inches (2) and 3/4 inch x 4 inch (2). 4. Wrap long black strip around long side, pin in place. Stitch in place with red floss. Repeat on all sides. 5. Trace and cut out black fabric dahlia. Pin in place. Stitch around edge. 6. Sew black buttons to fill in center of dahlia. 7. Knot a small black button to center under the printed frame. Trim floss. 8. Repeat steps 2-6 for three remaining flowers: • hot pink fabric dogwood with white buttons and black floss • turquoise fabric cornflower with blue buttons and yellow floss

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