Pumpkin Face Buttons

Can you believe it is almost time to start planning your Halloween decorations?! Here is a very simple project we created using our Pumpkin Face Buttons. We used embroidery hoops and fabric but these buttons are so versatile. Sew them onto a t-shirt for the easiest costume ever.  Add them to a throw pillow or pin them onto a real pumpkin! The best part is that they are reusable. Just remove them and save them to use next year.

The mouth button is 5-1/4 inches in length and the eye and nose buttons are 1-3/4 inches tall and each package contains two sets to create two pumpkin faces.

Pumpkin Face Buttons Final2

Here are the materials we used with the Pumpkin Face Buttons:

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Thread and Needle



Pumpkin Face Buttons Materials

To begin, place the fabric in between the embroidery hoops. Pull the fabric tight and tighten the screw. Wait to trim the edges until the end in case you need to pull the fabric tight after sewing on the buttons.

Pumpkin Face Buttons Step1

Determine the arrangement of the face you want to use. There are so many options with just four buttons! We tried everything from happy to sad to scary:

Pumpkin Face Buttons Scary

Pumpkin Face Buttons Sad

Pumpkin Face Buttons Mad

Pumpkin Face Buttons Happy

Once you have the buttons where you want them, thread the needle and tie a knot. Sew the buttons onto the fabric with a couple of stitches each. Cut and knot the thread in the back.

Pumpkin Face Buttons Step2

Pull the fabric tight again. Trim the excess fabric from around the edges of the hoop. This step works best with sharp scissors.

Pumpkin Face Buttons Final

You can create a small grouping of pumpkins using different size embroidery hoops. You can also change out the colors to something non-traditional, if you like. We left the embroidery hoops raw, but another option is to paint them to match your fabric. You can hang them on a small hook or tie some ribbon around the screw to use for hanging.

Happy Crafting!!

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