Recycled Denim Button Heart

You still have time to create last minute “Valentine” decoration/ornaments and with the weather they’re predicting for the East Coast you’ll have plenty of time (in between shoveling).

denim heart 018

This Valentine’s Day heart craft may not look like much of a “button” project but it still has a hint of buttons! Having had enough denim left over from a previous project I did last year when I created the Button Heart Canvas Wall Art: Be Mine Denim Button Heart – another great project that can “hang” all year round!

Today just a quick how to on how I created this ornament:

Materials: La Mode Buttons: 46781; 24820; 24778; 46690
Recycled Denim; needle & thread; heart template – computer – printer; lace; ribbon; fibers; beads; scissors; polyfil (in my case I used cotton swabs) (really anything else you feel you want to embellish your heart!)

Using your heart template pin onto denim and cut out heart…you’ll need two hearts (unless you prefer to have another fabric on the back – suggestions – felt, flannel, linen)

misc 049


prepare your “ingredients” buttons, lace, ribbon, beads, fiber. I like to layout my design before I begin (most times I change it mid stream – and that’s ok).

denim heart 001

denim heart 002


Although I did use lace in my project at the end it really wasn’t visible – and I was ok with that – it will all depend on your placement.  I gently stitched lace and trim to the denim. Created a ribbon rosette and added some seed beads to the center. Stitched rosette to the heart and began adding my buttons and fiber as I stitched.

denim heart 005


Yes I wanted my ribbon to hang (you may opt to cut)

denim heart 007

To finish – I created a blanket stitch around my heart border (not sure how to blanket stitch – check out some great easy tutorials on You Tube). Don’t forget your ribbon for hanging – I also added some fiber to this and added fiber as I created my blanket stitch on one side…

denim heart 009

     denim heart 008     denim heart 010

So at this point I realized I did not have polyfil again in my office (go figure!). Cotton swabs work just as well – leave just enough space to stuff your heart and then finish stitching.

denim heart 011

and done! Okay so it may not be the best – but I like it! It’s using a little of this and a little of that! Still have my representation of buttons and I’m happy!

So…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Crafting!

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