Red White and Blue Buttons

With the Patriotic season approaching yes I’m including Fourth of July (it’s never too early for getting projects completed or just getting those creative juices rolling!

Wondering what we may have available for your upcoming projects – I’ve made it easy and I also included some inspiration from Pinterest.  If you don’t know what this site is – please don’t be afraid to visit  Pinterest – you may get angry that I hooked you onto this site! It’s a bit addicting – but the inspirations you’ll find are endless. From soup to nuts, from A – Z, from here to – well you get the idea! So sit back and let me take you on a short tour of ideas on the upcoming Holiday!

Red white and blue buttons

Did I say Patriotic!

Red white and blue buttons

IMG_0984     IMG_0985

Favorite Findings Mini: Traditional Mini Stars 1397
Mini White #445

IMG_0986     IMG_0988

Favorite Findings Big Red, White & Blue #499
Patriotic Stars #483


Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons #2008

Stars buttons   American flag heart button

Here are some additional suggestions:
la petite button stars: Red #1100; White #1099; Blue #1098

IMG_0993     IMG_0992

and lastly our Button Jar Buttons! Endless projects…
Red #540001006
White #540001003
Blue #540001007

These are just a few of the great Red, White & Blue buttons available – make sure to check our on line store for some additional selections!

Now for the Inspiration portion – from fashion, to crafting,  to food – how these three simple colors lifted off our American Flag inspired many to create these…4f5da82191006949eb4a4dc2533e2821[1]

9dea745c46d05b6c24548a7eef327474[1]     a9fa66e267b998f80a71e19e1d1a5f73[1]7b3291c00183ce11e6eb6366a7cb1527[1]

from wall art to food (yum)…

2d68d10186d702aecfcec9a52cd7e0fc[1]     de25e6c593ddc4093db12073ae7806bf[2]

d5b5aea7049d904437ec680fe288aae0[1]     f4a5c42955bd6e62ad28f0be75531a65[2]

b411c7a02531da3c81b219a01d2624e5[1]          7574361738d190356f586f8ba2885a9d[1]

to home décor to door décor…

bf8973090d5155442fca2820a12dd3c6[1]      b45b6cc5ee0b65d0e8cc5c69345a8d71[1]

the wreath on the left was my inspiration wreath on the right!

To fashion…

c8f2a343ce9a0cdc244eb8b5fd4bb0a1[1]     11240f57aef24555f3a1c9ab28d8d2af[1]

to table décor…

8ee579e65ba470e2689ce1e427324c73[1]     d7da095cad08beaa95952a408cc766f0[1]

831e4e96a88b1319ec1cc8db1987ac3f[1]     2789ec1e5b9c921ea796dce6e6694ac0[1]

table top inspiration from Pinterest on the left – our creation on the right!

So hopefully the photos have inspired you to create something fun for the upcoming Holidays! If you need additional Button Inspiration and you have time…don’t be shy  – get inspired!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Crafting!

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