Snowman Button Pillow

It may be cozy inside but baby it’s cold outside!  Create your own whimsical snowman without the chill!  This Snowman Button Pillow is a great addition to your Christmas decorations but he’s so cute that you should keep him out all winter long!

Snowman Button Pillow Final 2

Here are the materials you will need to create your Snowman Button Pillow:

Snowman Buttons 150000001

White and Red Felt

Pillow Form

Plaid Scarf


Black Embroidery Floss, Black Thread, and Needle


Rosy Blush and Brush

Snowman Button Pillow Materials

Once you have your materials ready, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Measure and cut your felt fabric.  For this project we created a 14” by 14” size.  Don’t forget to include an additional 1” for the seam.  Sew the pillow.

Tip:  If your felt is lightweight you may opt to put a white interfacing or red interfacing behind it to give it some additional weight.

Step 2:  Using your black embroidery floss, create a blanket stitch around your pillow.  If you’re not sure how to do this stitch, there are some great tutorials on YouTube.

Step 3:  Determine placement of the buttons and use a pencil to mark the dots within the button holes. Sew the eyes and nose.  Before going further, add a rosy blush to the cheeks of your snowman and then continue sewing on the balance of the buttons.

Snowman Button Pillow Step 1

Snowman Button Pillow Step 2

Step 4:  Add a scarf around the base of the pillow.  You may need to add some stitches so it stays in place.  Add some pom pom earmuffs to finish him off!

Snowman Button Pillow Final 1

If you had fun with this project, check out the Christmas Joy Button Pillow and the Christmas Button Pillow.  Need some winter projects for days when it’s too cold outside? Stock up on supplies after Christmas and make all three designs for gift giving next Christmas!

Snowman Button Pillow Final 3snowman button pillow alternative design

Snowman Button Pillow alternative designs



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