Walking The Houston Quilt Market 2012

Quilt Market has come and gone! This was actually my first “Quilt” show that I’ve attended and there are no words to explain the experience. As you’ve read from my previous posts set-up of our booth – is like any other show. Spree Market- is something to experience, but walking the show… I loved it! Seeing and touching the beautiful fabrics, patterns, embellishments and most of all the “stunning” quilts – some traditional, some contemporary and some modern!
Todays blog I share my photos from my walk – through the eyes of a first timer!

As you walked along the aisles they were filled with Inspiration, Color and Ideas…

Aisles were filled with Inspiration

and Glamping!

 Amy Butler



So, now you’ve walked the aisles with me (and there were many aisles to walk 25 to be exact and that’s not including the “Gallery of Quilts”!) You to would be overwhelmed with the beauty of all these booths!

Please stop by later as I post the last of my photos from the International Gallery of Quilts


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