Whimsical Cell Phone Case!

It’s Friday before a holiday weekend, summer as we know is almost coming to an end.  Kids off to school, vacations over, back to sitting in “extra” traffic.  Well it’s not all that bad.  I’m going to show you another great craft project to do for yourself or to share with a group. 

The gang at our office were put to a task to come up and decorate a cell phone case for someone (names withheld!) who is constantly misplacing their cell phone.  After hemming and hawing this is what was accomplished: 


What a great conversation piece this cell phone case makes!  Buttons are from our Favorite Findings Colors We Love program, Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons and also from our Coordinates program.  So why not look through your stash of buttons and create your “art piece”.


Materials Needed: Assorted Favorite Findings Buttons ; Needle/Thread; Scissors; Cell Phone Case

Stitch buttons to the flap of bag as shown in photo.


Have a wonderful and safe weekend!  Happy Crafting!

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