Wired Button Heart

This wired button heart is a great little decoration.  You can hang it in a room or dress up a package, or both.  This project is a great way to use odd, leftover buttons but it’s also a great excuse to buy new fancy buttons!  I created this wired button heart using a baby girl theme in pink, white, cream and a touch of grey.

Here are the materials you will need to create your own wired button heart:

A selection of buttons, here are some of the buttons I used:

Button Jar in Pink 540001005

Pink Glitter Hearts 630004303

White Flower 400048178A

22 Gauge Craft Wire

Wire Cutters

Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon

Small Pliers

Wired Button Heart Materials

To begin, lay out the buttons in the shape and size that you want.

Wired Button Heart Step 1

Next, cut a piece of wire about twice as long as the diameter of your heart.  Pick a point on the heart to begin, I used the inside point at the top.  Take that first button and thread it onto the wire and push it down to one end, leaving a few inches of wire.  Thread the long end of the wire through a second button hole and pull slowly until the button is secure.  Be careful not to let the wire get twisted as you pull it through the button hole.  You may need to use pliers to help untwist and guide the wire through the button holes.

Wired Button Heart Step 2

Continue with the next button using the same process.  Leave a little space between each button so you have room to shape the wired buttons into a heart.  When you get to the button that makes up the bottom point of the heart, begin to shape the wire into the heart so you can add buttons to the wire in the right direction.

Once you have all the buttons threaded onto the wire, twist the ends of the wire together behind one of the buttons.  Cut the ends and bend them towards the button so they aren’t exposed.  Cut a length of ribbon and tie onto the top of the heart with simple knots and trim the ends.  Now it’s ready to hang from a hook or on a door knob.  It makes a great package decoration for a baby gift or a wedding gift.

Wired Button Heart Package

Wired Button Heart Final

And the super cute baby frame is from our sister company, C.R. Gibson!

Happy Crafting!


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