National Button Day!

November 16th – National Button Day! What is the meaning of this day? Is there really such a Holiday! Well if you Google the phrase National Button Day you’ll be surprised how many returns you get…


This simple looking button actually has a National Holiday! I’m not sure how this Holiday actually originated and I’m still in search, BUT we welcome this day. I think we take for granted how much we really need it.  We need  it for our shirts – it gives it character – from simple to elegant, from plain to glitzy, from sew-thru to a shank. To a craft project, home dec project, quilting, sewing, jewelry or just a bowl, box or tin filled with buttons, your grandmothers button box where she allowed you to play with everytime you came to visit.what a great conversation piece!

No matter what your version of National Button Day is let’s give the BUTTON a big hand! It’s come a long way!

 Happy Crafting!


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