American Flag Button Art

Oh say can you see that my next project celebrates the upcoming holiday Memorial Day!  American Flag Button Art – we need to remember the men and women who have died in our military service for the United States…

It also signifies the start of family gatherings – barbecues, summer vacations (okay I know we need to wait till schools out) the beach and hopefully warmer weather!

My blog features our new product The Button Artist  – now you may have come across our product on our web page or even at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. The possibilities are endless and felt I needed to create this project…

Create Your Own American Flag Button Art

IMG_5130 (630x473)

Granted you don’t need to go this big but I did have an old frame to recycle…what I used for this project:

The Button Artist – 3 colors:

Marine Blue – 100005823A
White – 100005810A
Red – 100005824A

IMG_5137 (630x473)

White Frame (your choice on size); construction paper; glue adhesive; ruler.

   IMG_5101 (630x473)

I used recycled product I had in the office so if you are using a new frame – you will want to remove the glass if the frame has it. Determine the size you want to create. Remember the project can be creative does not have to have the exact amount of stripes – for inspiration go onto Pinterest, search for “American Flag” and you will get some ideas.

Measure and cut and glue your construction paper down (remember if your mat on your frame is white – you don’t need white paper!).

     IMG_5100 (630x473)

IMG_5102 (630x473)

as you can see in the above photo I didn’t use scissors  – I just tore my construction paper along the edge and then glued it down.

     IMG_5103 (630x392)

What I like to do is lay my buttons down first (half way) and then I glue – don’t worry about the gaps – these will get filled in with beads – eventually….

     IMG_5104 (630x473)

IMG_5106 (630x473)

 another angle – doesn’t need to be lined up however it fits – almost like a puzzle.

     IMG_5107 (375x500)

 So this section is done! Now you are ready for go forward with red and white buttons.  You can at this point fill in the gaps with beads (you will realize that the beads do come with some shades of blue – to only use blue you will need to sort – yes I know tedious but for those who know me – yes I did sort).  Using glue fill in the gaps and then go back and fill in with beads.

 IMG_5126 (630x473)

 Okay I can call it a day and which I do…because I knew I wouldn’t get my flag done in time! So come Fourth of July you will see that my project will get completed and filled.  But this is your choice and your flag – it works either way…

     IMG_5128 (630x473)

 some different angles for  you to see…

     IMG_5129 (630x473)

one thing to remember is to go back and pull the glue strings off your projects!

IMG_5139 (630x473)

 Wishing you and your family and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy and stay safe!

Happy Crafting!



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