Many Ways to Sew on a Button

Sitting here and wondering what my next topic for my blog will be and with the major holidays having passed (ok I know that Memorial Day and 4th July is just right around the corner and if I wait any longer those too will also pass me by).  But,  I knew there was one that I haven’t attempted and needed to accomplish – How Many Ways To Sew On A Button…? yes,  I’m challenging myself.

So,  with that I started the other day and I couldn’t stop and I’m still going and probably will still go until I’ve exhausted myself on the 2 hole…(oh yes I do plan on attempting the 4-hole).

What boggles the brain is who would have thought that a button, needle and thread would have such control… Once you start you can’t stop….

IMG_5076 - Copy

So sit back as I take you thru this on going journey and if anyone would like to join me…we welcome you to join in on the fun.

You may want to prepare yourself  – who would have thought this was possible? And I’m going to believe there are MANY more ways to sew on a BUTTON! this is just the beginning…

For this project I’m just using a simple white fabric – some colorful BUTTONS from our Favorite Findings Buttons and embroidery floss. You can see all the matte buttons we carry in our online button store.  I wanted this project to be fun and indeed it has become more than that!  It’s where FUN & CREATIVITY become one.   I also look at this project as a guide for those who just want to have fun with their garments and just need some imagination to changing out a drab existing button.  But you need to remember – this is just for decorative…if you’re looking for actual closure well we may need to stick to the basic…

So here are just a few ways…

       IMG_5077      IMG_5078

okay this basic stitching  – it’s okay but as you can see just by re-directing the needle and thread…(they may look the same but by just adding the center stitch it’s already another design).

IMG_5079     IMG_5081

what about just knotting it from the top or adding a bow.  “Viva” le Button!

IMG_5082     IMG_5080

yes the lt green button and blue button are the same but just flipped – it gives you a totally different look….Remember it’s all on how you align your button holes!



there’s no order in which I stitched these maybe it would have been interesting – but just by looking at the two photos above the lt green Button and pink Button – just by stitching in opposite direction…purple and yellow hmm same?


Just by adding a stitch and and by flipping the direction another look….

There’s definitely more to come and well here are some overall shots

IMG_5065 - Copy

Here’s the photo that I posted on Instagram – this was the beginning of my project…

IMG_5064 - Copy

and if you see some “un” stitched Buttons well I’m just stitching along and will show you progress as I come along… I still have about 21 more ways to finish (on a two-hole Button!).

IMG_5097 - Copy



Have some creative ways on stitching? This is just needle and thread- what if you decided to add beads??? I think I may need some additional buttons and fabric!


Happy Stitching – Happy Crafting!


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