American Sewing Expo & Button Cupcakes?

If you were in the Michigan area September 27, hopefully you stopped by the 20th Annual ASE – American Sewing Expo.  This is the largest independent sewing expo in the United States.  They offered classes, shopping, demos, giveaways, more shopping and of course Make and Takes!

People were lined up at 5 in the morning reports stated! Ready to shop and shop and do some crafting…

I wasn’t able to attend this year however I’ve invited Liane as our guest blogger to tell us all about it!

We recently attended the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. They were celebrating their 20th Anniversary of the show and we were a part of it. We were not selling at the show, just getting the word out about our soon to open consumer website. (Look for it in the coming months!)
Since we were not selling we had to do something to attract attention so we made cupcakes! No we didn’t make real cupcakes, we made button cupcakes of course. They were adorable, calorie free and who doesn’t want a cupcake? People loved them; we had them lined up four deep waiting to make them.
We had all kinds of buttons that we just spread out on the table. We had glitter buttons, printed buttons, shiny buttons, matte buttons, we even had cow buttons! At first we were thinking no one would use the cows, but believe it or not the cows were very popular.
Everyone loved sorting through the buttons; several of them mentioned it was therapeutic. We here at Blumenthal know this and often you’ll see us running our hands through piles of buttons. LOL, some were very particular and only wanted certain colors to go with their theme, while others just went for it and used whatever they grabbed first. The best thing is they all come out really cute! Here are some pictures of the results. And thanks to Helen, instructions on how to make them will follow.

Sewing Expo


Cupcake People




I want to thank Liane and Bethany for all the GREAT work they did! As you can tell they were great Button teachers!

Stay tuned and I’ll be posting a tutorial on how you can create your own Button Cupcake!

Happy Crafting!

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