Keepsake Button Cupcakes

How many times have you gone into a bakery shop and wished that those beautifully crafted cupcakes could last forever and I don’t mean on your hips!  Well here’s the solution…Button Cupcakes.

American Sewing 004

What a great gift for the person who says no to sweets or better yet the perfect project to create with all the kids at the party! So lets begin with the materials:

Ingredients for Button Cupcakes:

Assorted Button Jar Buttons – Marigold #540001010; Pink #540001005; Red #540001006; Blue #540001007; Purple #540001008; Green #540001009
Assorted Favorite Findings Colors We Love Buttons – #433 Fun; #450 Clean; #422 Primary; #434 Ocean (just to name a few)
Assorted Favorite Findings Minis: #1196 Mini Fun; #462 Mini Ocean; #463 Mini Ocean; #442 Mini Primary

cupcake 014

2 1/2″ or 3″ Styrofoam Ball; Cupcake Cups/wrappers (baking); Quilting Pins (assorted colors – your preference); Glue; Plastic bag; ribbon; scissors.

I like to prep my area before I begin – this way I have everything ready…

Button Cupcake 007

How to Make Button Cupcakes:

To begin, take your styrofoam ball and press down gently creating a “flat” bottom (this helps the styrofoam ball from rolling around) Add some glue to the bottom of the cupcake wrapper and place ball inside.

Button Cupcake 008        Button Cupcake 009

Your ready to start – buttons spread out and ready for the pickings…

Button Cupcake 011          Button Cupcake 015


Button Cupcake 010

Start from the bottom (meaning where the lip of the wrapper begins) and work around and up.  You can double stack buttons to create the layered look . As shown in the photo below – with a quilting pin slide one or two buttons thru the button hole and then insert into the styrofoam ball…

Button Cupcake 012     Button Cupcake 013

continue all the way around and up until you’ve covered all of the styrofoam ball.

Button Cupcake 014     Button Cupcake 017


As you can see from the second photo there are some open spaces – I suggest working all the way up and then come back and fill in the empty spaces – here you can use the smaller buttons.

hint: cover the base of the ball with the Button Jar Buttons and then fill in with the Favorite Findings Buttons as shown below.

Button Cupcake 018

             Button Cupcake 021     Button Cupcake 020

and before you know it you’re done!   Now just slide it into a plastic bag add some ribbon, trim excess plastic and your Button Cupcake is now a wonderful gift!

Button Cupcake 023

American Sewing 009

  They are very addicting but no calories involved!

As they say you can’t just Create (eat) one!

Here’s one I created for a gift….

Button Cupcake 002

Happy Crafting!

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