Black Button Necklace

We have another month until summer is officially over but I’m already thinking about my fall wardrobe. Accessories are a great way to update basic pieces in your wardrobe. This dramatic black button necklace for is stylish enough for day or night and is easy to make. You just need to be able to tie some knots!

Black Button Necklace Final

To make this Black Button Necklace, you will need the following materials:

Black Buttons in a variety of styles and sizes

Button Jar – Black  540001004

Round Gems – Black  470001708A

Black Wax Cord, make sure to use a cord thin enough to thread through the button holes


To begin, cut a 30 inch piece of cord and tie a medium size button to one end.

Leaving 1 inch from that button, begin stringing on buttons tightly and close together. Alternate sizes and styles of buttons until you have 18 inches of buttons. To create the closure, leave an inch or two at the end of the cord. Make a loop that will fit over the medium button at the other end and then tie a knot to secure the loop.

Black Button Necklace Step1

Cut multiple 6 inch pieces of cord and tie them to the necklace in random spots. String buttons onto these pieces of cord, spaced as you would like. Tie knots at the ends of the cords to keep the buttons in place. This necklace just forms as you add more and more buttons. Be creative with it.

Black Button Necklace Step2

Black Button Necklace Step3

Try mixing matte and shiny buttons. Or add a few with coordinating patterns. If you are a fan of color, you can use a variety of shades of that color to create more dimension. Once you create one for yourself, you may end up making more for your friends! These make great gifts, especially with the holidays only four months away!


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