Buttoned Up Office Supplies

Our CR Gibson division recently launched a stylish and modern new line of stationery products: X & O Paper Goods. The bold colors of the Bright & Lively theme inspired me to create some coordinating office supplies. If you are ready to update your work or home office with fun colors, use this project to create your own Buttoned Up Office Supplies: thumb tacks, paper clip bookmarks, and ribbon bordered cork squares.

Buttoned Up Office Supplies Beauty

Create a color-coordinated desk!

To make these Buttoned Up Office Supplies, you will need the following materials:

Large Paper Clips

Thumb Tacks

Glue or Glue Gun

Offray Grosgrain Ribbon

Embroidery Floss


Cork Squares


I used the following buttons for this project:

Button Jar Marigold  540001010

Clamshell Grapefruit – Shades of Pink and Orange  470003502

Pastel Bows Blister  47001305

Pink Flower  182502072

Yellow Flower  400033853A

Buttoned Up Office Supplies Materials

Gather all you materials

To create the decorated thumb tacks, select 2 or three buttons for each thumb tack that you can layer together. First, glue the buttons together and let the glue dry. Next, turn the button stack over, place glue on the head of the thumb tack and press onto the back of the bottom button in the stack. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Buttoned Up Office Supplies Step 1

Just stack and glue

For the cork squares, cut pieces of ribbon long enough to cover the length of the square and add a couple of inches to each end. Wrap the ribbon around to the back and attach the ends to the back with glue. If you want to get really fancy, try layering different widths and colors of ribbon.

Buttoned Up Office Supplies Thumb Tacks

Add coordinating ribbon to a cork square

To turn the paper clips into page makers, select a medium to large button and use the embroidery floss to stitch the button onto the end of the paper clip. You can also glue a small piece of felt to the back to help keep the button from moving around.

Buttoned Up Office Supplies Step 2

Secure with embroidery floss

Buttoned Up Office Supplies Paper Clips

Mix and match colors of paper clips and buttons

You probably spend a lot of time at your desk so why not make it bright, cheerful and a reflection of you!



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